Product 29 Nov, 2018


@mr ong
With Monster Alliance since the first day, we started very small and lean. I managed all the administrative work and using my free time to also contribute in many other things.

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The digital media landscape is a technology jungle.

With so many platforms to serve and formats to incorporate, what should modern storytellers focus on?

MOpress is the new Content Management System (CMS) to keep your business up to speed. Our key strength is an acute and highly-adaptive understanding of user behaviour, helping us design what users actually want and thus helping you acquire new users and (paying) customers.

Built from scratch and maintained by a highly-experienced team in content creation, web security and web services, MOpress currently powers more than 20 sites worldwide and is rapidly expanding across new borders and languages.

Serving millions every month, MOpress connects audiences through Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google Search, with Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and more coming soon. We have 300+ ready writers to create magic for your brand, and the timeline for implementation is 2 weeks, tops.

Get traction. Get MOpress.

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