Product 13 Nov, 2019

Test HOFU's salted egg french fries for free and make money!

@mr ong
With Monster Alliance since the first day, we started very small and lean. I managed all the administrative work and using my free time to also contribute in many other things.

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In Collaboration with HOFU Japanese Snack, MOpress is launching a mission to all food and lifestyle MOJOs (Mobile Journalists). Enjoy the privilege and try out this great new product from Hofu and many other from Brands around the World!

Your Mission

  1. Free Hofu Slated Egg French Fries worth RM17.90
  2. USD5 (MYR20.90) per mission upon approval 
  3. to write a product review with minimal 500 words
  4. min 5 creative original photos of the products
  5. Create FB + IG Stories with product with tag
  6. Create Fb post on newsfeed
  7. tag : #HOFUsnack #saltedeggfries #hofu #saltedegg

Once you have accepted this mission, we will email you on the logistics of the product and to pick up from our selected locations.


note : Admin or Hofu has the rights to reject your "review" towards the products. 

register as MOJO and accept mission now!

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