Product 23 Mar, 2020

MOpress launched new interface and Gamification for MOJO

@mr ong
With Monster Alliance since the first day, we started very small and lean. I managed all the administrative work and using my free time to also contribute in many other things.

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    It has been more than a year of us waiting for the revamped UI/UX for the MOJO's dashboard since it was first introduced in mid-2018. On March 23rd 2020, led by our Project Manager Katrina and our tech lead Yi-Hou, they have successfully upgraded our system with a better UI/UX and a cleaner interface.

    The goal is to target our first 10,000 MOJOs in 2 months during the Covid-19 situation now around the world, and with it we also hope to able to collaborate with more Publishers - to integrate our content Marketplace by just downloading our Wordpress plugin. (visit MOpress for publisher for more information) 

    Here’s a list of improvements:

    • Improved MOJO dashboard

    • A more detailed statement for monetary information

    • Mobile responsive 

    • Cleaner to infographic 

    • New badge, MOJO Profesional designed for all the professional journalists, doctors or lawyers to apply

    • 5 new raking gamification level to motivate MOJOs and provide quality MOJO for publishers

    • Supports 3 languages now, English, Malay & Chinese 

for more information about features you can check out  MOpress's wiki page 

(MOpress's MOJO dashboard)

Gamification & Ranking system 

Lastly will be on the AI & machine learning integration to MOpress takes to second level, which we will now collect more than 20 data points while MOJO is creating or writing content, the objective is to learn and recommend more relevant topics or trending news as reference. it is still in the infant stage but will improve the AI feature by phases 


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