Product 09 Apr, 2020

Tips on gamification on MOpress

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Content Marketplace was launched in early 2018 and the only Publisher during that time was, there we around 2k+ registered MOJO, and I'm one of them. 700+ of them are still active in creating contents for Tantannews and other publishers everyday till date. The Marketplace is serving around 20+ sites now

Accordance with our research, Publisher(buyer) are willing to put up a high price for good quality contents. The problem is they have a hard time locating trusted MOJO from the pool, and they need a solution, that is why the ranking system was proposed and created.

23rd March, MOpress introduce the Gamification and ranking system. The reason behind it is to enable Publisher to filter out bad & good MOJO, also to identify great creative content from the pool. The new levelling system is also designed to boost Publisher's (Buyer) confident in buying more content.

In MOpress, empowering great content creators is always the priority; coming out with new tools and system to improve the experience between MOJO & Publisher is essential. 

Introducing the new ranking system will help both MOJOs and Publishers in many ways. The ranking system starts from Newbie, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum at the top of the ranking; there's a MOJO PRO badge for those professional writers or journalist to apply after they have registered a MOJO on the platform. But with PRO badge doesn't mean you get to enjoy the additional commission from the system. it is a recognition by the platform to segregate out not-professionals and professionals.

As you can see on my PRO badge under my profile photo, I'm also a Gold MOJO now for me to go to the next level I need to create a min of 5 stories and a min of 500k of view. Which means I need to write a lot of contents with LOW based price and mid CPM rate with "performance" basis so that publishers will take the risk in buying my stories for me to generate as much of pageviews possible. Smart in a way because MOJO will have to write more content for a publisher to pick and create competition among each MOJO for better and more informative content.

let me show you the chart they have posted on their WIKI page

As you gain more page views and ranking MOJO get to unlocks features which there's no specific about it yet, but I'm sure the tech team are working on it. The most obvious benefits are, the higher your ranking is, the less they will take from you. For example, Newbie rank will be charged 30% commission by the platform and as Platinum are only at 10% which make sense to all the freelancer nowadays, I think is a fair system for the buyers and MOJOs.

Tips for MOJO

1. Create as much good quality content, write a piece of content that benefit the readers with supporting data and facts

2. understanding the trend is crucial and writing something that readers are curious about or where they could learn from 

3. Learn how to create a great title that attracts eyeballs and conversion 

4. Consistent in topics or categories you write, as you build up trust from Publishers to buy your content 

5. You don't have to be good with everything, master ONE and build your influence with it

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