Product 15 Nov, 2019

New short stories feature to decrease bounce rate for publisher

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For many years, publishers have tried to innovate a new way to serve digital stories. The most recent updated applications are Snapchat, Tik-Tok, Insta story and facebook story. These applications have changed the way how we view digital stories. 

Check out the samples below from Facebook

following the trend. for the publisher has adopted the method and has launched an Interactive content studio for publishers to create interactive short stories like how Snapchat and Instagram are doing it. 

With this, now the publishers can easily turn written content to interactive short stories that fit behaviors for young readers. Based on the recent launch of Malaysia's latest news portal(, it was founded by ex-senior editor of Utusan with his 40 ex-reporters and journalists. with 14 days test the new site has great improvement of bounce rate to as low as 49% after implementing the Short stories features by

Check out the site with mobile to experience the Short Stories features by Mopress

Data by Google Analytics 

Mission to innovate the media & Publishing industry 

Mopress will launch a beta version of a platform called Content Marketplace. According to the Founder, they will be recruiting 15,000 Mobile Journalists who will be creating content for Lifestyle, Tech and Food & Beverage related in 3 major languages which are Malay, English & Chinese targeting Malaysia for the pilot test program. The platform will allow creative content creators to sell their content to publishers by just submitting their content to the marketplace.

Targeting beta publishers to enjoy the early launch of the services. It is now in talks with one of the largest media companies to launch the services. 

It will be a platform to empower the community of content creators and publishers to be able to leverage to each other.

Check out, register to become the MOJO, Mobile Journalist 

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