Product 11 Jun, 2021

Mopress' Latest Updates : New features 11/06/2021.

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Thanks to our newly appointed Tech Lead, Lee Jia and his team have done a very good on in improving the stability of Mopress and MOJO platform. they will continue to develop and launch new features 

Tech Goal

1. Platform to help Creator/MOJO to generate more traffic and income

2. Promote and motivate local creative creator to keep creating great contents

3. becoming a regional platform supporting multiple languages and countries.

Date: 11/06/2021

Lead Developer : Lee Jie

Update report by : Shoant 

1.Ask for revision of articles before approve/reject an article for a mission

2. MOJO with Same IP can't accept the same mission within 30 mins

3. MOJO able to have their own "Page" at

     a. Follow and the Following feature

     b. Customised your own unique name at

4. Added 2 new stats at MOJO's dashboard

5. Some minor improvement for security and speed

6. Audio upload: to support those creator/mojo that wanted to post the audio file or as podcast story.

the audio upload feature is located at the bottom right of the tool bar.

REVISE: The feature will only be seen by the publisher's account like below.

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