Product 29 Nov, 2018

Becoming a Mobile Journalist

@mr ong
With Monster Alliance since the first day, we started very small and lean. I managed all the administrative work and using my free time to also contribute in many other things.

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Gone are the days that a journalist has to be on-site, pen and paper in hand to write a story. The creation of smartphones has given rise to the field of Mobile Journalism - a field where aspiring Mobile Journalists or MOJOs are able to create written material instantly with a wide arsenal of tools. 

If you’re an editor, writer or blogger in any media & publishing company (or aspiring to be one!), why not join the MOJO family and embark on your journey to become the next star of Mobile Journalism? 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to influence your followers-to-be with what you are good at.  Start by creating a story your followers will like. Make sure it makes sense for digital publishers to publish your story on their platform so nothing overly crazy or creative… yet.   Create interesting stories on your feed and make them available for purchase.  

Feature your work on the publishers’ platform and get paid for it, creating a win-win scenario for both and sell custom stories starting from USD10 up to USD600 from a single request.

See you soon MOJO!

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