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Hermes & Coke are doing it right! Content Marketing is the way to go.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a way of digital marketing to focus on create, publish, and distribute contents such as video, blog, social media content and others for targeted and specific audience that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

Life nowadays is different from the past, we are already in the 5G technologically advanced era, which means we have to adapt to this new environment and lifestyle. In those olden days, there weren't Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi), all phones were only at the 2G era, no smartphones, no App stores and no online advertising. Previously, everything went through the television and broadcast company, advertisements are screened by these broadcast companies, which makes it hard for small business to advertise their products, especially those who newly entered the field or the micro businesses. 

Now, advertisements are everywhere, whether it is the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and so on, or certain merchant websites and media websites. The cost are lower than previous advertising cost, and also reach more people as these days everyone look at their phones all the time. Moreover, advertisements through these media websites could help your business reach more targeted and specific people, those who are interested in that particular field or product, this helps to boost your sales. 

Content creation have to be innovative and creative, to attracts more audience and increase marketing budget and sales, makes it the top priority of most marketers. According to the State of Inbound report, content creation is a top priority for 53% of marketers. Moreover, on average, content marketing accounts for 29% of B2B marketing budgets. High quality content and consistent exposure rates to targeted audience may help in motivating or convincing their mind, make them attracted to your product, brand or company.

At this point, most businesses invested a lot in building content marketing programs,  not just to enlarge their customer base and develop brand presence, also help to engage audience, drive sales and bring growth. How does content marketing does all of this and why is it important ?

1) Withhold audience, increase retention

One of the challenge in advertising and marketing your product is to hold on to your customers or audiences. If you're advertising is too straightforward which makes your audience know the purpose of you connecting with him or her, it would cause a negative impression instead of promoting your business. 

In order to withhold the audience, make them get interested in your product or business, stealth marketing would be the best choice. Great content helps to create a positive impression, simply because of its stealth. A content helps to gain audience, but great content helps you to hold on to your audience, increase retention, make them attracted and would like to come back for more. In this case, you have a stronger customer base and potential returning customers. 

2) Establish reliance with your audience

Never be too task-oriented in marketing. Instead, you should understand what your potential customers is seeking, be more people-oriented, build a better relationship with them such as providing more information of your business, answer and interact with them, accept some feedback as well. In this technological era, communication isn't a one way model already, we seek social communication, in which there is interaction and feedback. 

And, do not always think of getting something in return every time you interact with customers, make it casual, it is part of servicing anyway. This is why content marketing is important. It does not cost the audience anything, which makes them trust you even more. Content marketing helps you build your reputation and reliance with audiences, as time goes, they are more likely to have you in mind and buy your products. 

3) Enhance SEO

Thinking of making your product or business more visible? If you were to work in a traditional way by going straightforward, it does makes your product or business visible, but it doesn't make a positive impact. Instead, it makes audiences feel bad about it. 

However, content marketing makes a big difference in this sense. Just like the tortoise and the hare race, content marketing goes slow and steady, building good relationship, trust and reliance with audiences. The more quality of the content you have, the better it'll be for your SEO, expose your brand and make it visible in a very positive manner.

Perhaps you are still not convinced, thinking that it's a new step to you, let me show you some successful examples right here. 

1) Hermes

Never thought of Hermes? This is a nearly 200 years old French luxury brand still does it's marketing strategy, and due to it's luxury and expensive brand, they are very in need of content marketing, to target audience who shows interests in it. They have shown beautiful videos about their product and made some educational video about the production process behind these bags. This helps to attract potential customers to know more about their brand.

2) Chanel

Unlike Hermes, Chanel doesn't only produce videos. Instead, Chanel made a huge digital content marketing base by uploading videos to YouTube and also upload photos and short films to their personalised blog - Inside Chanel. They are showing their audiences about the history of the company, and their most popular products, and some makeup tutorials as well. These videos help Chanel built a strong customer base, increasing potential customers and also engage trust between the brand and customers.

3) Coca-Cola

As everyone knows, we live in an era by which everyone take good care of their health and body size by avoiding soda drinks. Facing such a huge challenge, Coca-Cola thought of another way to retain their existing customers and also attract potential or new customers. 

Coca Cola created an online magazine to keep engaged with their customers, bringing new exploration with them, exchange some information and also bring some new products online, making customers more attracted to their products. 

In a nutshell, content marketing helps boost your sales and your business image. 

In this very critical situation of the COVID-19, the way you market your business has to be changed. There would be a new norm in terms of lifestyle, and there would also be a new landscape of the business. You would never like to market your products or services face-to-face anymore, it is not convincing, time-consuming and also never hygiene. 

To survive, we should digitalise everything. So, let's start content marketing!

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