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What are the Differences between Digital Marketing and Content Marketing?

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Marketing is one of the 'Must Do' actions for every business. No matter you are doing retail business, online business, education, insurance and so on, without marketing, your business is hard to move on to another level.

However, do you know what are the differences between digital marketing and content marketing? 

In this article, we will mainly explain 3 main points, which are:

1. What is Digital Marketing?

2. What is Content Marketing?

3. What are the differences between Digital Marketing and Content Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Talking about digital marketing, the first thing comes in mind is about 'Online'. You are right, not only online marketing, for any marketing or advertising delivered via a digital channel, we call it digital marketing. For example, all internet marketing on social media or websites, marketing or advertising through SMS, as well as the permission-based text messaging or email, and any digital television and radio broadcasting.

To summarize, digital marketing is the marketing way that the business can reach their audiences in long distance, no matter what gender, age, religion, country and occupation you are.

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Content Marketing 

Content marketing is one of the strategic marketing approach, which are creating and distributing relevant, valuable and consistent contents to their audiences. At the same time, this can attract and acquire a clearly defined audience with the objective of driving profitable consumer action.

Instead of promoting your products or services, telling your audiences how good your products or services are, content marketing is the way to deliver information and knowledge to your audiences and make them more intelligent. When the audiences are gaining something valuable from you, they will become your customers one day. 

The essence of this content strategy is the belief that, if we as a business, deliver consistent and ongoing valuable information to our audiences, they ultimately will reward us with their action to buy and loyalty.

Are Digital Marketing and Content Marketing Same?

There are many differences between Digital Marketing and Content Marketing, but at the same time, there are some common ways between both.

The most common way of Digital Marketing and Content Marketing is 'online'. Both of the marketing are happening online, which is easier to reach the audiences and faster to spread to people. 

What are the Differences between Digital Marketing and Content Marketing?

1. Method and Purpose

The purpose of the marketing is to reach the audiences and grow the business better. We all know that, the final destination of marketing is to attract more audiences and in the end give back a profitable results. However, along the way to reach this result, there are differences between Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

Digital Marketing, which using different online advertisement to attract audiences, based on the creativity, promotions, slogans, attractive poster and videos which related to the products or services they provide. To conclude all of this, we call it ADVERTISING.

Content Marketing, instead of promoting the products or services, it has to be in a story telling way to reach the audiences, providing statistic and convey the knowledge, as well as providing testimonials to show the facts and educate their audiences. With this way, we call it STORYTELLING.

For example, as people begin to drink less soda, brands like Coca-Cola have definitely faced big challenges in term of retaining customers and keeping their sales up. However, Coca-Cola is very good in doing the content marketing, like the online magazines, to provide information and bringing some new products online. They know that it needs to produce the most engaging content if they want to continue to connect with their customers.

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2. Focus and Period

The main focus of both Digital Marketing and Content Marketing is different, as well as for the period of marketing.

Digital Marketing focus on displaying advertisement, to let the audiences know the existence of products or services. Digital marketing can be done all the time, but the digital marketing for some specific products, promotions or services, will be held in series of campaign, which need to create new ideas from time to time, make sure it is discourse on the brand and it's offerings to attract the audiences.

Content Marketing is focus on broadcasting the contents, to brand itself as a media, which can provide various of knowledge to the audiences. Content marketing is a permanent marketing, which need continuous efforts to provide the information and create contents. Not related to any specific product, promotion or service, content marketing is discourse indirectly related to the brand and it's offerings.

For example, Cheerios, an American brand of cereal, has created a wide ranges of recipes that made from cereal to their audiences, as one of the great content marketing. People can refer to the recipes and make themselves a breakfast, a meal or even desserts. 

3. Results

Digital Marketing is going for the results of attracting audiences and building brand awareness. At the same time, digital marketing also tends to promote their products or services and keeping the sales up. The good digital marketing will make people unforgettable, however, if the advertisement keep popping up and affected the people, it will become interruption instead of positive results.

Content marketing is more to build their brand awareness, and most important is to build the brand loyalty from the audiences towards the brand. This is because content marketing not mainly focus on promoting the products or services, it tends to gather the audiences slowly, engage with audiences in different ways, and brings to an attraction in the end.

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Don't Let Go Any Chances

If you are using Digital Marketing for your brand, why not to try Content Marketing too? Content marketing is definitely one of the best marketing way to build your brand and grow your business in long term. If you are worrying about how to do for the content marketing, don't worry, there are many platforms to advise and help on content marketing.

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