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SkinRun® supports Vaseline in leveraging AI skin analysis system to enhance consumer decision-making

I am from SkinRun, a company specialized in AI+BI empowered beauty solution. I would like to share some of the news and information from our company here.

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Vaseline, the well-known skincare brand, has recently reached an agreement on the partnership with SkinRun®. With the new generation of AI skin analysis technology and business intelligence solution, SkinRun® not only provides customized skin test service to Vaseline flagship store on Tmall, but also facilitates personalized product analysis and operational upgrade. Through AI, SkinRun® has successfully empowered and digitalized the platform.

Vaseline - the well-known skincare brand under Unilever

Vaseline, owned by Unilever, is a world-renowned, authentic and professional skincare brand specialized in dry skin. Over these years, Vaseline has been working to solve the problem of dry skin and help women to moisturize skin. At present, Vaseline skincare products are being sold worldwide and becoming the leading skincare brand with their established global reputation.

SkinRun® has provided Vaseline with customized algorithms and software based on its needs. By launching an AI skin app on Tmall store, SkinRun® captures the image of user's skin, analyzes the skin condition from four aspects through cloud algorithm analysis and recommends the best skincare products. Vaseline online skin analyzer is now launched on Tmall and linked with e-commerce, becoming an online smart shopping guide.

AI skin analysis system enables stronger intelligent decision-making

With the continuous upgrade in consumption, customization and precision have become the core elements to stimulate consumers demand, including customers from beauty industry. This trend proves to be a challenge for brands and e-commerce platforms. How can customized products and services gain a foothold when brand awareness among customers is weakened? As for now, much can be relied upon technology.

Regardless of the various service providers available in the market, Vaseline on Tmall has made a prompt decision to work with SkinRun®, the service provider of new generation data analysis and business intelligence (AI + BI) solution, in view of the fact that SkinRun® has a forward-thinking concept of AI in beauty industry and numerous successful collaborations with other brands.

SkinRun® AI skin analysis system helps the platform to perform skin analysis through face recognition, image generation, image processing etc. An exclusive real-time skin report can be generated in just a few seconds. It provides users with highly targeted and professional skincare recommendations as well as the best skincare products based on multi-dimensional skin analysis. In this way, not only the AI ​​skin analysis empowers the platform to enhance users' decision-making, but also improves customer retention and service quality with data analysis and precise marketing.

SkinRun®-The provider of AI beauty solutions

Since its establishment in year 2011, SkinRun®, the provider of AI beauty solutions, has been dedicated to providing new generation of data analysis and business intelligence (AI + BI) solution for customers from the fields of new beauty retail, beauty medical, pan-network, and integrated beauty enterprises. The core team has accumulated more than 10 years experience in the field of big data analysis and AI in beauty industry, providing top-shelf intelligent products and services for many well-known domestic and foreign brands.

Unlike the traditional business intelligence platform, SkinRun® is dedicated to providing customers with actionable recommendations for decision-making, through intelligent data analysis of their skin samples. AI-driven business intelligence (BI) is used to help beauty companies to develop sustainable competence during intelligent digital transformation.

Thereafter, SkinRun® will go on with leveraging professional AI skin analysis system to empower Vaseline on Tmall to understand consumers demand better, and truly create a top-down intelligent analysis system. This helps in intelligent decision-making and continuous business growth, thus enabling Vaseline to further improve its business operational efficiency and customer experience.

Click here to learn more about the skin analysis technology:

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