In the Press 23 Apr, 2019

MOpress takes home Silver for Best Tech Developer at d Awards 2019

Technology geek! Domain expert in digital publishing and exploring AI to empower the publishing industry for better good!

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Kuala Lumpur, Apr 10, 2019 - Digital content innovator MOpress scooped up the Silver Award for Best Tech Developer at the d-Awards ceremony 2019 today held at Ruyi and Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Complex.

The d-Awards is an annual award show organised by the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA)  to recognise and honor the talents and brands that embrace and use digital technologies. The awards saw over 200 submissions which were deliberated by over 60 key industry leaders as the jury.

This year, MOpress won recognition for its innovative platform that revolutionises content creation and empowers content creators. 

Operating using a model like Uber for content, MOPress helps digital publishers save their operating cost by providing content that meets the demands of publishers everywhere through their Mobile Journalists (MOJO for short).

MOpress provides a platform that empowers established or aspiring writers in Malaysia. Anyone can be part of the MOJO team, from journalists, to housewives wanting to earn side income, to Key Opinion Leaders.

In 2018, MOpress transformed the business model of chinese language news portal by outsourcing content creation to its MOJOs, resulting in a significant reduction in overhead costs and garnering over 5 million pageviews monthly for the publisher.

Following the victory at the d-Awards, MOpress has plans to work with an international renown deep-learning company to launch an AI tool in May 2019 to further empower journalists in creating content. The company is also looking to raise funds to expand their business to the regional content creation market.

“We are grateful for this recognition granted to us by the Malaysian Digital Association and its panel of judges for the d-Awards,” said company founder and CEO Sean Teoh.

“We’re are looking forward to establishing partnerships with other leading content companies who want to prioritize great storytelling, grow audiences, and expand their businesses at a fraction of the cost.” 

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