In the Press 22 Apr, 2020

MOpress celebrates 100 Million pageviews generated by MOJO!

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Celebrating 100,000,000 Pageviews milestone

MOpress has shown tremendous growth throughout the year! As at 22nd April 2020, MOpress has served more than 100 million page views, precisely 107,763,249 Pageviews, growing at a stunning pace! What's more astonishing is that MOpress has engaged a total of 198 registered publishers just within two years, compared to the early 2018, where there were less than 20 Publishers on board.

Also, the amount of MOJOs had been increasing sharply from around 2000+ to the current number of 3,849 MOJOs. MOpress has created a total of 37,449 stories.

With such a large number of page views, MOJOs and publishers on the platform, the amount of visitors per day has reached a peak, showing a significant phenomenon and a bright future for MOpress!

MOPress is a platform that engages both publishers and MOJOs together, allowing potential MOJOs with excellent content to be discovered by publishers. 

The traditional olden days of writing a story or write up with a pen and paper is no longer preferable by the market. Now that with the Internet, and the creation of smartphones, tablets and laptops, Mobile Journalism has been a new norm, replacing the traditional way. So, now in this gig economy, the market needs a journalism platform where aspiring Mobile Journalists can create written material instantly with a vast varieties of tools.

Our target is to signup 100 new Publishers or brands and 2000 new MOJO for second-quarter 2020

The founder Mr Shoant (Sean) Teoh quoted; " We treat Covid19 as an opportunity for us to grow our MOJO community as we foresee more people or professionals writers or journalist don't mind considered taking up a second job to generate some passive income. Growing our buyer community will be our main priority for the coming months, publisher or brand can now buy content directly from our Marketplace and sync it to their Wordpress as a post with our plugin. Wordpress plugin will be available for download end of April. Our target is to signup 100 Publishers or Brands, and 2000 new MOJO for second-quarter 2020".

What is MOJO?

Here comes the question, what is MOJO and who are they? MOJO is a short form well known for the word Mobile Journalist, where editors and writers could produce their articles anywhere, which suits the name Mobile Journalist. Something unique about being a MOJO is that it doesn't require any experience, doesn't require good grades, and there is no age limit! Anyone could join the platform and be one of the MOJOs, everyone could be part of the MOJO team, whether you are a professional journalist, ex-corporate worker, or just an ordinary housewife. MOJO does not limit you to who you are or what you have, it is all in your spirit!

What is Gig Economy?

The term 'gig' itself is a slang word for a job that lasts for a specific period, giving rise to the phrase gig economy well known as common temporary positions where most organization hire independent workers for a short-term.

Lastly, well done to all the MOJO for all the great jobs! 

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